Review: InstaMagic combines numerous filters for a fun editing experience

Create customized photos on your iOS device with this easy-to-use editing app.

InstaMagic is a photo editing app, but it features a number of fun and unique options that set it apart from the slew of other apps in this category. While not necessarily revolutionary in the field, InstaMagic manages to show us quite a few things that are new and allow you to customize your images in exciting ways you may not be used to.

When you open InstaMagic you'll be greeted by a clean, easy-to-navigate interface. The buttons are all at the base of the screen, the background is bright without being overwhelming, and there are no pop-up ads getting in the way, despite it being a free app. You can choose to edit the image with a few basics like cropping and flipping, add a basic color saturation filter, or slap a frame on your image. A second framing menu allows you to choose custom images, like a dog dragging an image across the floor for your photo. The rendering takes some time but the resulting images look really good and can be shared instantly from the app with a number of sharing options.

If you enjoy photo editing and filtering apps and want to see some new options beyond the basic freebies that are included with almost every app on the App store, then check out InstaMagic. It's free, easy to use, and it looks very good; and while it's not revolutionary to the point that you can delete every other photo editing app you have, it is a very useful tool for quick edits and fun filters.

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