Review: Instaker is an Instagram viewer and downloading tool for your iPhone

Download photos from popular feeds on Instagram with this straightforward browser.

Instaker Free is an Instagram browsing and downloading app for the iPhone that allows you to view the top images on Instagram in a number of categories and download them to your device. The app can be used with or without logging in to your Instagram and is very flexible in terms of both browsing and searching the large library of photos available on Instagram.

When you first download Instaker Free you can start browsing Instagram immediately. There are a few pop-up ads and an ad bar, but they never get in the way of clicking through the images. You can also log in to your Instagram account to customize your views and load your favorites and the people you are following, but it is never required. Overall, this is a very familiar and easy-to-use interface that looks a lot like other Instagram apps on the App Store. Everything loads very quickly, and while the free version only allows you to download two images at a time, it works very well.

If you are interested in downloading images from Instagram, this app is very useful for doing so. It loads fast, it offers numerous search and browse options, and it will download two images at a time in the free version. It doesn't do anything that most other Instagram browsers don't do as well; but for free, it's a decent download.

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