Review: Record, edit, and play music with EArt Audi Editor

Record, edit, and play audio with this all-in-one (and free) audio toolkit.

Now that your computer is your primary music source, it's time to do something about your audio toolkit. EArt Audio Editor can help you with that. It's an all-in-one audio solution: recorder, editor, converter, splitter, joiner, and player. It not only edits and converts files but also applies effects, filters, noise reduction, and other processing. Audio Editor runs in lots of Windows installations, too -- from NT and 98 to 8. You don't need a fancy sound card or other equipment to use this capable tool, unless you plan to record audio from an external source such as a microphone, CD player, or tape recorder.

EArt Audio Editor's user interface is attractive and impressive, combining elements of Office apps like Word and Excel with browser touches and even a hint of Apple flavor. It's based around the familiar dual waveform display, but you can toggle to a spectral view. The program packs an impressive array of effects, including Compress, Fade, Normalize, and Vibrato, but we really like the Filters menu, which includes not only High-pass, Low-pass, and Band-pass filters but also Shelf, Notch, and FFT Filters. These let you separate bass tracks, filter out ranges, configure files for specific playback systems, and other advanced processing. The Help file is a good place to start if you're unfamiliar with tools like Audio Editor.

We got excellent results just by trying some of Audio Editor's features. Our microphone wasn't hooked up at first, so we opened an MP3 for editing. There's no easier way to edit sound files than by viewing their waveform data. That's the one that looks like a heart monitor, tracing loud and soft sounds on a timeline. You just listen and watch, and then mark the start and end points of the clip you want to edit. Then copy, cut, save, filter, amplify, or modify it to your contentment. After plugging in our mic, we could utilize the totally cool Frequency Analyze tool to study our sound system's playback. EArt Audio Editor impressed us enough to earn its place in our audio toolkit. Try it and hear for yourself.

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