Review: PDF Manipulator allows you to extract field data from PDF files

Migrate embedded PDF field data between FileMaker Pro and Acrobat Pro, using this handy PDF manipulator.

PDF Manipulator for Mac acts as a plug-in that allows you to exchange data between FileMaker Pro and Acrobat Pro, helping you to easily create PDFs from a single template file for each of your database entries. A lightweight plug-in, it works great and can save you a lot of time that otherwise would have been devoted to manual data entry.

To use PDF Manipulator for Mac, you have to copy the plug-in file to the FileMaker extensions folder. Also, you need to install the Acrobat version of the plug-in by selecting Show Package Contents in the app and copying the Acrobat plug-in to the plug-in folder. Once that is done, you can extract the text content and metadata such as title, subject, author, creator, and keywords from your PDF files directly into FileMaker. The plug-in gets a thumbs up for letting you combine multiple PDF files using a single FileMaker script and print PDF files directly from FileMaker. When testing the plug-in, we were able to transfer a PDF of 150KB between Acrobat Pro and FileMaker in less than ten seconds.

PDF Manipulator for Mac expands the capabilities of both FileMaker and Acrobat Pro, allowing you to transfer information between them more quickly and conveniently. If you use forms a lot and would like to speed up the processing time, you will love this plug-in.

Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of PDF Manipulator for Mac

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