Review: Desktop App for Mac enables you to quickly hide app windows

Show or hide your app windows with one click using this handy, little desktop application.

Desktop App for Mac allows you to minimize open desktop app windows with one click. Unfortunately, it requires its own window to function, which makes it rather awkward. Still, it does work as intended.

At around 1MB, Desktop App for Mac downloads and installs within seconds. Using it is super easy; all you have to do is click the "Show Desktop" button to minimize all open windows, with the exception of the app's own, which actually takes quite a bit of space. To bring back the windows, you just have to click on "Show All Apps Again." This app has no settings or any other options, and the lack of a keyboard shortcut for showing/hiding the desktop and running app windows somewhat defeats the app's purpose. As to the application interface, it's rather dull. In addition, we couldn't easily exit the app on OS X 10.8.5, but had to restart our computer.

With its limited functionality, Desktop App for Mac won't take your breath away. Still, if your desktop often gets cluttered with app windows, this app can help you access your desktop more quickly by minimizing the open windows. Grab this app only if you cannot find a similar program that uses a keyboard shortcut to perform the same function.

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