Review: Castle Clash offers an inviting RTS with solid graphics and quick gameplay

Conquer your foes and build your city in this addictive strategy game for Android.

Castle Clash blends elements of tower defense, resource building, and other real-time strategy games for a unique, exciting experience. Its Zynga-esque gameplay will rub some people the wrong way, but most fans of puzzle and strategy games will eat this addictive game up. Its social elements round the game out, nicely.

This game combines a fast-paced combat system with a time-based resource building system. You build buildings and resources in your camp to hire better soldiers who can then help you unlock more resources. Though it sounds a little tiresome, Castle Clash offers tons of variance and add-ons that keep you coming back. The game's graphics and music are on par with handheld consoles and offer plenty of style. The game's menus pack of lot of content in a small package, but respond to your touches very well. You can link your social media profiles to your game profile to share with your friends and family. Once you do, you can join Castle Clash's rowdy chat room -- but beware of the adult themes present once you're there. In addition to that, you'll find new people to battle with once you've run through the game's deep campaign mode.

It's tough to resist a game that meshes so many elements of effective strategy games into one stylish package. Castle Clash is sure to entertain you, no matter what style of RTS game you usually enjoy. Give this game a shot if tower defense and other combat-oriented games have lost their luster. Just be careful not to get too addicted!

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