Review: Enjoy a complete hands-free experience with Caller Name Announcer -- Talker

Find out who is calling or texting you without ever looking at your phone using Caller Name Announcer - Talker.

Caller Name Announcer - Talker boldly and loudly announces anyone who calls or texts you, but the delivery isn't as exciting as you'd expect. The app only comes with one built-in voice and it's very robotic. Still, this app can help you out in a big way if you're waiting for a call while your hands are busy or want to know who messaged you before getting up to check your phone.

In addition to announcing the name of any caller, this app can tell you who has texted you and call out any event reminders you've set on your phone. It can even tell you when your battery reaches a set threshold. In addition to changing when you get battery alerts, you can change what the app says when someone's calling, how you silence the announcements, and even whether or not the app reads the contents of your message or event, which can be quite handy, if you need it. Caller Name Announcer - Talker is solid at pronouncing most names, but you can't change the very robotic voice unless you have another speech-to-text software on your phone already. The app and its pop-up notifications feature ads, but these are not too intrusive.

Caller Name Announcer - Talker is not a bad app by any means, but more customization would be a very welcome improvement. If you're used to robotic voices from prior experience, you shouldn't mind the featured voice too much. It's also a nifty app if you're screening calls and texts.

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