Review: Bus Simulator 3D offers solid graphics, useful controls, and plenty to unlock

Take the driver's seat in this realistic bus driving simulator for Android.

Bus Simulator 3D is a surprisingly realistic simulator that gives you tons of control and quality graphics. It's not the easiest game for beginners to enjoy, but it rewards your hard work with plenty of unlockable content. If you're more into navigating terrain than racing, this driving simulator will keep you entertained for hours.

Bus Simulator 3D puts you behind the wheel of a bus, letting you navigate around the city, pick up passengers, and drop them off for points. Points not only let you earn achievements and unlock levels, but also they give you experience you can trade in for new buses and other add-ons in the game. Each level takes you to a slightly different part of the city, which is incredibly detailed and well-rendered for an Android game. Sadly, the game's onscreen controls and a banner ad take up much of the screen on smaller phones, so you might not get to enjoy the images as much as you'd like. Though the game lets you steer by tilting your phone, you can change the controls to enjoy more traditional steering styles, like an onscreen wheel or button controls. When you complete a level, the game usually hits you with a distracting pop-up ad that is hard to navigate away from.

Even though the ads are a bit much, they still don't detract from how well this game is put together. Its graphics and responsive controls make it easy to play the game exactly how you want and unlock plenty of goodies. Bus Simulator 3D is a realistic, fun way to drive buses through crowded city streets.

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