Review: Body Symbol HD has lots of frames for collages, but not photos

Create a customizable photo collage with a cute or meaningful symbol using Body Symbol HD.

Body Symbol HD is a unique collage app with plenty of frames and symbols, but it could benefit from more design options. It isn't open to certain photos and it doesn't let you edit your photos to fit the frame. That means you might end up with collages that don't look nearly as good as they would if the app gave you more options.

Body Symbol HD lets you make a photo collage that includes a symbol overlay. The 19 pre-loaded symbols include hearts, smiley faces, and other recognizable images you'll like. You can write a message that will appear on your image, as well. You have fewer options when it comes to frames, as the app only lets you choose a 4x4, 5x5, or 6x6 grid. You can't change the size or positioning of pictures once you've picked your frame. The app doesn't allow you to change your photos much once they're inside of the collage, either. You can only rotate them left and right, but can't zoom in on them at all. Though we couldn't insert images we already had on our phone, we give this app a thumbs up for its own built-in camera that allowed us to easily take pictures from inside of the app. The camera's viewfinder did have a noticeably large banner ad that we didn't find too appealing.

Body Symbol HD has a novel idea that many people will probably appreciate. Even though using this app could have been more fun, it's still a rather original way to express yourself through symbols and get your message across.

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