Review: Sound like your favorite villain with Bane Talk Voice Changer BTVC

Hear and say all of your favorite Bane quotes from "The Dark Knight Rises" with the help of Bane Talk Voice Changer BTVC.

Bane Talk Voice Changer BTVC alters your voice to sound like the famous villain from "The Dark Knight Rises," making it fun if you are a devoted fan. Don't expect to sound exactly like him, though, as the app doesn't capture the character's signature nasal delivery unless that's how you talk into it, which is disappointing. It does make up for it with some prerecorded Bane noises and quotes.

Even though it can't change your voice in real time, Bane Talk Voice Changer BTVC can record up to 20 seconds of speech and change it. The app gets Bane's robotic gravel right, but it doesn't give your voice that nasal inflection for which Bane has become well-known. Instead, your voice ends up sounding more like Darth Vader. You can adjust the app to change the inflection, but most people will have to already do a good Bane impression to get the most of the app. The app does let you listen to a random Bane quote or Bane's bizarre meow grunt on demand, though. Setting up the app means agreeing to an obnoxious ad agreement and swiping through a 15-page Powerpoint-esque tutorial. Don't be surprised if you see parts of the tutorial popping up occasionally when you're using the app.

Bane Talk Voice Changer BTVC is not a home run voice-changing app on its own, but it doubles as a soundboard, which adds to its usefulness. Though it could be better executed, this application is most likely the best Bane-themed voice switcher you can currently find on Android. That makes it almost a must-download for big Bane fans.

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