Review: Keep your gadget running smoothly with an absurdly fast App Cache Cleaner

Clean all of your app cache at once to save space on your phone or tablet using App Cache Cleaner.

App Cache Cleaner gives you a strongly worded liability message that says it isn't responsible for anything it deletes. If that doesn't scare you off, the app quickly scans all of your files and tells you exactly how much space the cache is taking up. You can organize the list in ascending or descending order and exempt any application from the cleaning process. Once you hit "Clean," the app wipes your cache instantly. It didn't even take a second during testing, even when we used the app's handy one-touch widget. App Cache Cleaner takes care of your cached files incredibly quickly and easily. Its speed helps it keep pace with other cleaning apps that can do more to save space on your phone. It even offers a handy widget and just enough customization to sweeten the deal.

When you first open the program it also lets you set a reminder if your cache reaches a certain size threshold. Unfortunately, you can't set it to automatically clean your cache once that threshold is reached. While this may be a missing option, it could save you from plenty of mistaken cleanings.

App Cache Cleaner is a well-designed, effective app if you just want to clean your cache. While other all-in-one cleaning apps can clean your cache and so much more, this app is worth having around on your gadget because it cleans incredibly efficiently.

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