Review: 9game gives you an easy access to new games and apps

Find fun and exciting games you won't find in the Google Play store.

9game gives you plenty of new games you won't find in other markets. It runs smoothly and gives you full control of the apps you download and install, similar to Google Play.

9game serves as one big marketplace for popular apps from multiple places. In addition to serving you top apps from Google Play, the app hosts some of its own apps that you can download. While it doesn't tell you where it's about to download an app from until you choose the app, it's still pretty easy to guess. Most of Google Play's apps are big names like Angry Birds or Temple Run, while many of 9game's own apps focus on more "adult" content. Apps download quickly, but you have to install them separately from the download, which is also not too much of a hassle. The app's interface is not to die for, when it comes to its looks, but it's easy to navigate and offers all you would expect. Speaking of categories, 9game separates apps into most common categories such as racing, shooting, sports, puzzle, and more. The apps you download are separated into three categories: installed, upgradable, and downloaded, making it easy for you to manage all your apps. Finally, the application recommends the best apps for certain situations (in the office, on the subway, etc.) but take those with a grain of salt; they seem to be thrown together without much of a theme (and most include an adult game that would not be appropriate for playing in public.)

Though 9game gives you dozens of games to choose from, it's not always easy to tell which game is right for you. It would be more helpful if the app's creators implemented a point system or wrote their own reviews. Still, it is a nice app to use if you're tired of being limited by the options on Google Play.

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