Review: Challenge yourself as well as your friends in addictive 8 Ball Pool

Test your 8-ball skills and compete with your friends online in this challenging, stylish pool simulator.

8 Ball Pool isn't the most complex pool simulator, but its style and low barrier to entry make it one of the best. It seems basic enough on the surface, but the challenging group of players and ample rewards add some depth. It's a fine time-waster no matter what your level of skill is and can help you improve your game in real life.

If you've ever played 8 Ball, you'll jump right into this game without much difficulty. New players are greeted with a basic tutorial just in case they're new to the stripes-and-solids game. The game asks you to create an account, but you can skip that part and still unlock most of the game's goodies. If you sign up with Facebook or Google, you can challenge your friends to a game and share you success on social networks. The game is a neat learning tool for pool fans, as it draws angles and lines that help you map the perfect shot. Lining up your shot and adjusting your power bar is smooth and fluid, too. You can unlock more power-ups and custom cues by winning matches and tournaments. Unfortunately, the game's in-game currency is tough to come by (unless you want to buy it with real-world money). It doesn't help that 8 Ball Pool has a ton of really talented players standing between you and the big winnings, either. However, while that can be intimidating, at first, it does help the game stay fresh and fun.

Though it's tough to advance further in 8 Ball Pool, many people will enjoy the challenge and the game's pacing. The game is a blast to play even if you only have a few minutes to spend.

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