Review: Refresh App offers a bounty of information on anyone

Connect to and view information on anyone you are meeting in this information harvesting app.

Refresh App taps into the wealth of information on your phone, social networks, and more to create a dossier on people you meet with or know. It does this so seamlessly and across multiple networks that it feels native and separate from a traditional Facebook or LinkedIn add-on app. While privacy rules will always apply -- if someone makes their information private, it will not appear in the app -- we still came away with a lot of information.

The setup process for Refresh App can be short or very long depending on how many services you connect it to. You're required to connect with at least Facebook or LinkedIn. From there, you can choose to connect with other profiles including the other of the two you didn't use to sign up, Google, your iOS calendar and contacts list, and more. The more you use, the more complete the dossier will be. When done, you can start viewing the upcoming meetings you have scheduled along with photos, birth dates, workplaces, anniversaries, relatives, and anything else you would normally have access to on that person's profile. It's uncanny how much the app can pull and how organized it all appears onscreen.

If you attend frequent meetings, cannot remember everyone you've met with before, or are trying to go in with a bit of an edge to a meeting where personal relations matter, then Refresh App is a useful tool for you. We were frequently surprised by just how much the app pulled on people on our contacts list and how easy it was to sort through it all.

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