Review: Pixate Playground provides tools to style iOS apps using CSS

Create styles for your iOS apps using the tools in this well-crafted iOS app.

Pixate Playground is a useful tool for anyone developing an app for the iOS platform, providing a powerful set of CSS creation and testing tools for your iPad. With onscreen display to see how certain changes affect the interface and a number of templates for creating your own interface buttons and navigations, the tools here are powerful and can greatly streamline app development.

The purpose of Pixate Playground is to speed up the app development process in iOS, allowing you to visualize styles in CSS onscreen. When you open the app you are shown dozens of options. Scroll through to any of them and tap the slot to load it and see the CSS that goes with it. You can then edit the CSS at any point and see the output that shows up onscreen to the right. There are three display styles for how to view the contents of the app, and you can easily swap between each of them on the fly if you want to change things in different locations.

Pixate Playground is designed for developers and coders who understand CSS and want to speed up the development process to a certain degree. The tools here are fairly straightforward and there are no advanced tools for coding or debugging, but the ability to see everything onscreen, make quick changes, and then e-mail the finished code to yourself is fantastic. The interface is solid, the tools quick and responsive, and there are plenty of options for how to view and interact with content -- a good download for anyone developing iOS apps.

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