Review: noote is a feature-rich note-taking app that works fast and locally

Create and save notes on your iOS device without the lag of other popular note-taking tools.

noote is very similar to other note-taking apps like Evernote, but scores bonus points for being fast and local -- so it can run smoothly in all conditions, while giving you plenty of internal options. noote does not provide a huge number of tools and options, however; there are no attachments or voice memo options here and adding images is not possible, but for those that only need quick text note options, this is a great tool.

When you open noote for the first time, the app will show you the most prominent tools onscreen real quickly, ensuring you know where everything is. From there, you can add a new note, add a new notebook, or edit the settings. Crafted in black and white in iOS 7's new flat style, the app looks great and is super fast to work with. We found no lag at any point on any screen and adding or editing notes is a breeze. The notebook creation screen is easy to use and offers numerous icons for setting them apart, while the sharing options are standard but fast.

If you're tired of note-taking apps that are either too cumbersome, too slow, or too lacking in features, consider downloading noote. It doesn't require an Internet connection, it loads and saves fast, and it has enough features to be useful for even heavy note-takers, without providing too much overkill. It's a good middle-ground app for this reason.

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