Review: My Sketch Paper HD offers a number of sketching and drawing tools

Create custom sketches and drawings on your iPhone with the tools in this free app.

My Sketch Paper HD is a free app for the iPhone that provides numerous sketching and drawing tools that you can switch between, on the fly. From using a straight pen to draw out a message that you can then export and share with friends to drawing something carefully with your finger, the app allows you to do quite a bit and includes a range of filters for editing and adjusting how it looks.

When you load up My Sketch Paper HD, you can create a new sketch right away. In the future, all of your sketches will appear in notebooks on this homepage. You can create new notebooks, share them or export as PDF. In the notebook, you can edit content fairly easily, swiping between pages to see the different things you've created, and then tapping to open and edit. The interface is all very well done, if a bit cluttered during editing. This is pretty normal for an iPhone drawing app, but it can still be frustrating when trying to squeeze something onto the screen with all those buttons in the way.

Regardless, My Sketch Paper HD is a well-made app that offers a number of options without being too overwhelming, easy tools for switching between pages, and numerous sharing and exporting options when you are done with any of your sketches. It is highly recommended for anyone that likes to doodle on their iPhone and share with friends.

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