Review: My Photo Sizer resizes images for bracelets or buttons on your iOS device

Convert images from your device into buttons and bracelets with this free iOS app.

My Photo Sizer is a companion app to convert your images into button- and bracelet-ready images that can then be exported to your camera roll or e-mail, or that can be printed at Walgreens. It runs quickly and offers a couple of useful tools but the options are very limited and it could use some more user direction.

When you open the app, you have three options -- bracelet, button, or purchase. The latter takes you to a Web link for the company's accessory creation products. The former two options allow you to import and convert images for use with those products or for printing at Walgreens. You can import a photo, crop it as you like, and then export -- there are no editing tools built in, which is a downside here. If you want to edit images, you'll need to do so in another app. You can then open the order form if you choose and submit your order to Walgreen's; pickups can be done anywhere in the country so this process doesn't require you to pay right away.

My Photo Sizer is a good idea, but lacks a clear sense of direction and is generally lacking in features that would have made it a more powerful app. Even an Aviary editing suite would have been a nice touch here, allowing you to customize your images before cropping and exporting.

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