Review: Moxie takes the idea of photo filtering to a new level

Create your own photo filters and effects with striking results in this easy-to-use iOS app.

Moxie adds a new twist to the crowded photo filtering and sharing genre in that it allows you to create your own filters and overlays using images on your device. It takes it one step further from there, too, allowing you to share and reuse those very same effects from other users on Moxie. The result is a striking collection of photos and photo filters that you won't find anywhere else.

When you open Moxie for the first time you're given a short tutorial for how to use the app. You can then either create an account or connect with Facebook to get started. Creating an image can be done by loading one from your library or taking a new one with your camera. You can also load filters and effects from other users or start cobbling your own together from the menus in the app. The interface is fast and intuitive and you can apply multiple filters or remove filters you've already applied to an image on the fly. When done, everything is shared with the rest of the Moxie community. We were impressed from start to finish.

While the community is still small, there is a lot of potential to be found in Moxie -- an app that is loaded with features. As far as free photo editing and sharing apps go, Moxie is one of the best we've seen in some time.

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