Review: Moments creates an attractive, easy-to-navigate message board on iOS

Create short sticky-note moments or notes on your iOS device with this app.

Moments provides a streamlined, elementary version of sticky-noting for your iOS device, allowing you to tag and save specific moments or other custom notes on your iOS device directly to a board. You can change the style and look of the board but the core functionality remains limited to dated or non-dated notes. For many people this will be too limiting, but by focusing on just those two things, the app provides a valuable interface for many users.

When you open Moments, you'll see everything the app can do in a single glance. Tap the "+" button in the bottom-left corner and either add a "moment" or a note. The only difference between the two is that the former will include a date when it was written. So if you create a moment for "went to the gym," it will say "Today" under the note, while a note would just say "went to the gym." Every note is pinned to your board in the order they are created and you can then slide to the next page to see them as they grow. Tap any note and you can edit or delete it; and if you tap and hold a note, it can be moved to a different place on the board. The interface is so streamlined it's unlikely you'll have any issues, though the lack of general features will be a turnoff for some.

After opening Moments and using it for 30 seconds, you'll have it down. This free note-taking app is perfect for people who need to remember very quick things but don't want to bother with a messy, over-complicated note-taking app. For those people, it's the perfect free note-taking app.

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