Review: iMush Camera is a standard photo editor with a dash of flare

Create customized photos from frames, backgrounds, and stickers.

iMush Camera combines a lot of common photo editing features and a fresh sense of style provided by the app's custom illustrations into a unique photo editing app. While there are no functions here that you won't find in dozens of other free photo apps on the App Store, the combination of the style, layout, and design choices make it standout in a number of ways.

When you open iMush Camera you can choose a photo, take a new one, or load it from a connected account and start editing. Add a custom background, frame the image, or drop in one of a few illustrations provided by the app. There is a strong theme here, all based on the illustration work of Ying Ying Ho. Like any app in this genre, it's up to the user to decide if the style fits their needs, but it generally works well on a purely functional level. The interface is very standard for a photo editor, the load times are quick, and the final images look good and can be exported to a number of sources, directly.

If you enjoy the look and feel of the iMush backgrounds, illustrations, and interface, this is a good photo editor to have on your device. It is free, though many of the illustration packs cost extra -- usually $0.99 per pack.

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