Review: iImageFilters offers dozens of filters in a hard-to-use interface

Sort through and use dozens of filters for the images on your iOS device.

iImage Filters is a technically sound app that suffers mostly from a lack of direction, a messy interface, and an overabundance of choices. From the home screen menu, with its dozens of filters, to the actual filtering process, which is not always clearly explained, the app suffers repeatedly from difficulty of use and too many features.

When you open the app, you'll find a list of many photo filters. Some of them are quite unique and look good when implemented, but there is a problem: You cannot see what they will look like from this screen. You must click the text name of the filter, load in your photo, and then render to see what it will look like; and while some of the filters, like "Stripes" are self-explanatory, others like "sRGB Tone Curve to Linear" are not. It takes a strong understanding of image filters and effects to even know what most of these options will do, and then you need to set up and run the filter effectively. Most filters work automatically, but some are unclear still, requiring you to input one or more photos without explaining why or how to do so.

For those that can navigate the complex corridors of iImageFilters, there are a lot of great tools to be found here, but the majority of users will find it too complicated, with no clear direction and an almost non-existent interface. The app is free, but it takes too long to figure out to be useful for most standard users.

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