Review: i Visual Info Touch Lite is an infographic creation tool for the iPad

Drag and drop shapes, text, and clip art to create custom infographics on your iPad.

i Visual Info Touch is an infographic creation tool for the iPad that has a number of useful features in a fairly easy-to-use interface. From laying out the background for your infographic to dragging and dropping pieces onto it, everything works as intended, even if some of its best options are locked away by the trial restrictions pending an upgrade to the paid version.

When you open the app for the first time, you can start creating infographics right away. The first step is to choose a background for your infographic; there are a few options here and they all look fairly good. The quality of textures is decent across the board. Next you can start selecting clip art and shapes from the drop-down menu, all of which are silhouetted in black and can be dragged and dropped anywhere onscreen. There is a text button, as well, and you can at any time turn on and off a grid to line things up onscreen, perfectly. This is all very well done and easy to use, though the lack of direction, templates, and sometimes limiting clip art options can be frustrating if you have a specific, final image in mind.

If you want to create fairly straightforward, single-page infographics on your iPad, then i Visual Info Touch Lite will get the job done. It offers an everything-onscreen interface, plenty of tools to choose from, and a clean art style; and though there are some locked features, the free version is fairly robust.

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