Review: FuntasticFace offers a range of options for customizing your photos

Add everything from glasses to facial hair in this fun and easy-to-use photo editor for your iPhone.

FuntasticFace seems at first like another photo editing sticker app, but as you dig into it, you'll find a huge range of ways to customize your images. The number of free options you get is staggering, at times, and while other apps will charge for upgrades or simply not offer that many options, you get pretty much everything out of the gate with FuntasticFace.

When you open the app, you can start taking photos immediately, importing them from your other apps, or editing. For any given photo, you'll be given a number of tools to choose from, including new eyes, ears, mouths, facial hair, hats, props, and much more. The list is long and they all look fairly good. It works best, of course, if you have a portrait-style photo of someone's face, but even still, the props and other options can be used flexibly in other photos. Sharing is easy and offers a range of options, and the auto-add feature is very good at putting things where they would belong on the screen -- not perfectly, but fairly close.

Funtastic Face is an easy-to-use, option-rich tool that allows you to create funny, customized images of you and your friends on your iOS device. If you are tired of limited options or ad-overreach, then this is a good free photo editing app for you.

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