Review: Everyday Notes Monthly converts your calendar into a handwritten to-do list

Customize and sync your calendar daily to a handwritten to-do list.

Everyday Notes Monthly pulls your events and tasks from the calendar on your device and populates a daily notebook to create custom to-do lists. The effect is very cool, and while there are few features beyond the automated ones just described, they work so seamlessly and so intuitively that the app is generally successful in everything it tries to do.

When you open the app for the first time and confirm that it can access your calendar, it will automatically display everything you have listed for today in a list format, handwritten in a notebook. You can turn off the handwriting in the settings menu, but the effect is uncanny. Swipe through the pages of that notebook and you'll find more of the same: lists of events and tasks to draw from as you slide through the book. There is a log-in feature so you can sync your account to the cloud, but it is optional so you don't need to use it if you prefer to keep your lists local. You can also turn on and off calendar sync, handwriting, and sounds, and there is an upgrade feature to unlock a handful of other features, though the free options are very well implemented and may be all you need.

If you want to convert your stodgy calendar into a more palatable, easier-to-read format on your iOS device, consider downloading Everyday Notes Monthly. It's clean, easy to use, fully customizable, and free -- everything you could want in a task manager.

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