Review: DelayCam streamlines taking time-delayed photos with your iOS device

Choose a time and hit the camera button to take delayed photos on your phone.

DelayCam is a straightforward, easy-to-use camera app that includes an additional tool to delay the shot by five, ten, 15, or 30 seconds. While there are few other tools included beyond an aspect ratio editor and Aviary editing suite, DelayCam can be useful for those that want to take organized self portraits or timed photos in other settings and it is fairly quick.

When you open Delay Cam for the first time it will automatically go to the camera screen so you can start taking photos. There is a box in the bottom left corner to set the timer for pressing the button to take the photo, and you can control the flash and front-facing camera, but that's it in terms of options. The interface is burdened by an ad bar that can get in the way, at times. When you take a photo you can then edit the aspect ratio, as well as open an Aviary screen to perform basic edits. This is also fairly intuitive and easy to do, even if there are no advanced tools included.

If you are looking for a very easy-to-use tool that will allow you to take delayed photos with your iPhone, consider downloading DelayCam. It does little beyond adding a couple of basic tools to the mix with your iPhone's camera; but those tools work well...and for those that need them are a perfect fit on your device.

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