Review: Casetagram allows you to create custom cases for iOS using your own pics

Create a custom case and adjust it until it looks just right on your device.

Casetagram provides an easy, mobile way to create and order custom cases for your iPhone. The tools included are extensive and allow you to do everything from choosing your own images and applying filters to them, to choosing stamps and other images that you can then add to your custom-crafted case before ordering.

When you load Casetagram you can choose to create any number of unique cases. While you will need an account before ordering your case, you don't need one to create anything, so the app is free and registration isn't required to try it out. After selecting the type of iPhone you have, the layout and style for your case and the images you will load into it, you can start dragging and dropping them into place. The interface is very streamlined and while loading images takes some time, it can be done one at a time and you can drag and drop them wherever you want. It's highly customizable without being overwhelming. Combined with tools to add stamps and other fun, interactive additions to your case (plus filters for coloring and saturation), it's certainly full of options.

Casetagram is free but ordering your case will cost at least $40 -- so it's not cheap. That said, the ability to create your own case, customize it with images of your choosing, and order it from anywhere is very cool, and the app they've created to help you do so is very well made.

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