Review: Camera Zoom Extreme is a standard camera app with some added tools

Pinch to zoom in and out while managing the level of your photos.

Camera Zoom Extreme would be just another fairly redundant camera app if not for a couple of very useful features included by the developers. Even with those features, it doesn't do a lot to make it more useful than the standard app that comes with every iPhone; but it is free -- and for those that need those added features, it works quite well.

When you open the app, you'll be given a very short overview of how it works. The app is free and there is an upgrade to include a 30x digital zoom, but you'll never feel like it's necessary to enjoy the basic features that come with the app as is. From here you can start taking photos. The interface is easy to use with everything on screen including a nice flash button at the top that toggles the flash on and off quickly. There is also a zoom monitor to show you exactly how much you've zoomed in at any point, and our favorite feature -- the level bars so you can see if the image is squared up in the camera lens.

If you want a camera app that is fast to use and has a decent zoom function and a very useful level bar so your photos stay level, then the free version of Camera Zoom Extreme is a good download. It doesn't do much more that other free apps or the built-in iOS camera already don't, but it is effective for what it promises and the upgrade is not necessary for most features.

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