Review: Bolle Photo Plus is a companion app to print photos from your Bolle printer

Choose, create, and print photos from your phone on your Bolle printer.

Bolle Photo Plus is a companion app for Bolle printers -- dockable printers for iPhones and iPod Touches that allow you to print your photos directly from an app interface. While iOS has long since integrated AirPrint as a major feature, allowing you to print wirelessly from an iOS device, those without a Wi-Fi enabled printer or who have an older iOS device can still benefit from a Bolle printer and the app works well for that.

When you open the app, you can choose to load an image, and the app will allow you to load multiple images at once if you want to bulk print. You also can create a new photo with a fairly basic camera app, create a panoramic collage, or create a new photo with a number of filters. The interface is fairly bare bones and looks a bit out of date, but the app runs quickly and each feature will send your photo to the printer without issue. We are not reviewing the printer so print quality will depend on what version of the iPhone and what printer you have, but the app is fairly fast and easy to use, which is important for a tool like this.

If you don't have an Air Print option, your iOS device is a bit older, or you like the tactile feel of your Bolle iPhone printer, then this app is a useful companion to help you send photos over for printing rather easily. It's fast, it's easy to use, and it's free. While the interface feels dated and clunky, it is functional in all the ways that matter.

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