Review: ATracker actively tracks time spent on user-defined tasks

Define and track various tasks on your phone, see the data on a chart or calendar, and export for later.

ATracker is a feature-rich time-tracking app that allows you to actively manage and monitor various tasks on your phone. You can use one of three predefined tasks or add an unlimited number of your own in the free trial version of the app and then see the data displayed on an in-app calendar or on various charts that show the time used.

When you open ATracker, you get a very light onscreen tutorial showing you where the various buttons are and what options you have. You can tap any of the three tasks onscreen -- gaming, housework, or the gym -- at any time and the timer will start. Tap them again and the timer will stop. There are menu items at the bottom of the screen to add new tasks, open your calendar, or review a pie chart and other stats of what you've spent your time doing. It's all very well laid out and easy to use without being too rudimentary for people who want to pay closer attention to their tasks. Combined with being able to track time on two tasks at once, the app works quite well.

ATracker is a very well-made app that will work well for anyone trying to get a tighter control of their schedule -- whether you are a student with homework to do or a father of four with a dozen chores to do. It's easy to use, the free version is loaded with options, and you can customize it to your needs -- all great features for an app like this.

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