Review: Take powerful encryption with you with VSEncryptor Portable (64-bit)

Secure files, folders, and text with this freeware encryption tool.

Lokibit's free VSEncryptor is a capable, flexible, and easy-to-use file and text encryption tool that stands out from similar free (and pay) encryption tools by virtue of its extensive menu of encryption algorithms: 21 in all, from the familiar 128, 193, and 256-bit AES symmetric-key algorithms to lesser-known methods like SEED, SHACAL-2, and XTEA. You can designate a default algorithm and deselect unneeded ones and add VSEncryptor to Windows context menus to streamline VSEncryptor's operations, too. VSEncryptor is not only available in specific downloads for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows, but also portable versions, too. We tried VSEncryptor Portable (64-bit) in Windows 7.

In most ways, VSEncryptor Portable is identical to the installed version. We extracted the downloaded files in Explorer and saved them to a folder in our system. Many users will want to save VSEncryptor Portable's folder to a USB drive or similar portable device since it will run on any compatible 64-bit PC. Clicking the executable file runs the program without writing to the Registry, so VSEncryptor Portable leaves no permanent traces. To uninstall VSEncryptor Portable, just delete the folder. Choose an encryption algorithm, type or paste text, press "Encrypt," and enter a password twice. Encrypted text appears in the lower window. Reverse to decrypt. The process is almost identical for files and folders. The Settings let us change the program's View, themes, and languages; add file extensions, select algorithms, and more.

VSEncryptor Portable (64-bit) works well with its installed counterpart, but it's fine as a primary encryption tool, too. Portability adds flexibility and security since you can take VSEncryptor with you and access your encrypted data from any compatible machine. Whichever version you choose, VSEncryptor can handle the job.

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