Review: IxQuick Search for Safari for Mac carries out safe Web searches

Keep your search information private by using this advanced Internet search engine that installs as a Safari extension.

IxQuick Search for Safari for Mac enables you to carry out private and secure Web searches. Its good integration with Safari and nice design make it a worthwhile extension if you're tired of Google and other search engines and are concerned about the amount of data they gather about you.

IxQuick Search for Safari installs directly into the Safari browser as an extension, acting as a search engine that promises not to track your search information. To carry out private Web searches, you have to click on the extension icon next to the URL field and enter your keywords in the small text box that pops up. Results are displayed in a separate, well-designed, and easy-to-read Web page. You'll like the speed and accuracy of the results, which seem to match those of Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Similar to Google, sites that pay for advertising are listed first, but are distinguished. In addition to basic text and image search, the extension uses a separate Web site that allows you to find name and address information. This also includes searches for business, and even a reverse search so you can find out the identity of those who are calling you. All these search options make this extension extremely appealing.

Are you concerned that mainstream search engines track your personal data? IxQuick Search for Safari might be your salvation. If you're looking for a search engine that not only protects your privacy but also comes with advanced functions, you should try it out.

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