Review: Challenge yourself in addictive word game Find A Word for Mac

Have hours of fun playing an engaging and entertaining word scramble game.

Find A Word for Mac encourages you to create words out of scrambled letters and can keep you glued to your computer screen for hours. Though it features a rather plain design, this game offers multiple rounds and a top ten leaderboard, making it highly addictive. If you want to have fun on your Mac with an engaging word game, this one is certainly for you.

Find A Word for Mac's interface and graphics are rather dull, but the app compensates with its exciting gameplay. Once you choose between 90-, 60-, and 30-second rounds, you have to come up with as many words from the eight scrambled letters displayed as you can. Here's a tip: don't choose proper names and contractions because they won't score any points. You get only five turns to score. Correct words are displayed within the interface, and at the end of the rounds your score is calculated against the top ten previous scores to determine your ranking. A feature we liked is the ability to add additional words to the game's word list through the Word Maintenance option in the Menu Bar. The app gets a thumbs down for lacking an option for online competitive play.

Find A Word for Mac won't disappoint you, provided that you love word games. The interface and graphics aren't eye-candy, but the fun gameplay, the good performance, and the stability of the app make it a worthwhile download if you're looking for a gaming experience that will challenge your mind and possibly enrich your vocabulary.

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