Review: Access Google Calendar without a Web browser using Calendar G for Mac

View and edit Google Calendar entries using this well-designed and accessible application.

Calendar G for Mac integrates with Google Calendar, allowing you to keep track of your appointments as well as enter new ones from your Mac desktop, without having to use a Web browser. A well-designed app, it comes with a nice interface and polished features, making it an attractive solution for Google Calendar users that own a Mac computer. If you're one of them, you will want to try this calendar app.

To use Calendar G, you have to enter your Gmail account information. We needed a bit of time to get used to the black background with light-colored text that the app uses, but we liked that we could change the field colors in the Settings menu. Adding new entries to the calendar is quick and easy, as is entering information for each of them and choosing the date when they begin, the start and end time, and so on. Convenient buttons let you create new appointments or overwrite existing ones with ease. As to the monthly and daily calendars, they are easy to view and look well. What we really liked about this app is the quick syncing with Google Calendar, as well as the support for mobile devices. The app does feature advertisements, but you can remove these by purchasing an Address Key.

If you want to be able to check and update entries in your Google Calendar without using your Web browser, Calendar G is certainly for you. Its accessible interface and seamless integration with one of Google's most popular products make it worthwhile.

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