Review: Touchpad Blocker effectively blocks clicks and is highly customizable

Put a stop to accidental clicks that mess up what you type using effective Touchpad Blocker.

Touchpad Blocker disables your laptop's touchpad when you're typing so you don't accidentally click or move a long line of text. It stops your laptop's trackpad from getting in the way of your marathon typing sessions. If you suffer from this problem or have a trackpad that can be very temperamental, then give this neat program a try.

Touchpad Blocker shuts off your trackpad after it detects that you're typing. It sets it for a fraction of a second, but you can turn it off for as long as three seconds if you like -- though that turns out to be a lot longer than you think when you really need to access your trackpad. In addition to changing how long your trackpad remains off, you can change the sound Touchpad Blocker makes when it blocks a click, what keys you press to disable the blocker, and whether or not the program runs when your computer boots up. In addition to blocking accidental clicks, the program completely turns off your trackpad so you cannot even scroll. You can't use the button in the middle of your laptop if you have one, either.

This program delivers on its promise and does it quietly in the background so you can get your work done. If you're one of the many who accidentally deletes or relocates text while you're typing thanks to accidental touches, download Touchpad Blocker. It will save you precious seconds of work without throwing off your rhythm.

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