Review: Free PC Cleaner claims to clean your computer, but is ineffective

Wipe junk files off of your computer for better performance with this free download.

Free PC Cleaner offers to rid your computer of Registry errors, but it doesn't live up to its promises. It crashed almost every time during testing, after "finding" thousands of Registry errors in a matter of seconds. Since it made our antivirus suspicious during testing, it's even tougher to recommend over proven performers.

During installation, this program made our antivirus software pop up with a warning that said the program was a known adware problem. The program didn't prompt any additional warnings while it was running, though. Free PC Cleaner doesn't let you change anything about how it scans your computer or what it scans for. It just has a generic "Scan now" button that starts the process. Each time, the scan took less than 30 seconds and claimed to find more than 1,000 Registry and other errors. However, clicking the "Fix problems" button made the program crash every time. Even with nothing running in the background, Free PC Cleaner couldn't make it through an entire cleaning process once.

That, mixed with the antivirus alert makes this program very suspicious. It's tough to imagine a 30-second scan finding and fixing a ton of computer errors, anyway. Free PC Cleaner just doesn't match up to other powerful Registry cleaners like CCleaner in performance or reputation.

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