Review: Free MP4 Player plays its native file well, but may install junk programs

Play your favorite videos and TV shows in MP4 format on your computer using Free MP4 Player.

Free MP4 Player is a fine video player, but it could do without all of the programs that come attached to the install. It doesn't make up for them with nifty features, either. However, if you just need a player that plays MP4 files (and no others), it will get the job done.

During the installation, this program tries to install four different add-on programs. If you don't decline them, they can take over your browser, home page, and many more parts of your computer. The program, itself, sports a nice all-black layout that barely includes any buttons or file menus. This leaves more room for your video, but it makes it obvious how few features the program actually has. There's no way to loop videos, change resolution, or change the play style other than fast forwarding or slowing down the video. There is playlist support that can tap into multiple playlist formats, though. The video's file menu only finds MP4 videos, which is handy if you have several copies of the same video in different formats that Free MP4 Player doesn't play.

The deck is already stacked against non-universal players because programs that can play dozens of formats exist. Free MP4 Player only really supports one format and doesn't let you do much with it. That and the abundance of unwanted programs on the install detract from what would be a decent player, otherwise. Give it a try if you don't mind a player that sacrifices features for style, and if most of your videos are MP4s.

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