Review: CBR and CBZ to PDF works fast and produces good-looking comics

Turn your favorite comic into a PDF so you can read it on more gadgets with the help of CBR and CBZ to PDF.

CBR and CBZ to PDF is a basic widget that turns all of your comic books into PDF files in a matter of seconds. It gives you a file that you can use on more gadgets and doesn't degrade the original quality of your comic. If you read enough digital comics, this download helps you do more with them without much effort.

This basic application lets you put any CBR or CBZ file in and get a PDF out. During our tests, the application never took more than a few seconds, even with larger CBR files. It sports a really basic layout with not too many options, but you can choose the page size and margins of the file you end up with. Even if you choose the "advanced" option, CBR and CBZ to PDF doesn't let you change much about your final PDF. In addition to the listed archives, the app supports traditional archive formats like RAR and ZIP, so you can get an easy-to-read PDF no matter what format your comic is in.

CBR and CBZ to PDF helps you get more comics on your gadgets and doesn't clog your hard drive in the process. It's a fantastic tool if you're a fan of reading comics that you find offline. A few more features would be nice, but it's hard to knock an application that converts so well.

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