Review: Check for leaks with Protection Plus Windows Vulnerability Scanner

Scan your PC for vulnerabilities with this portable freeware.

Got leaks? Run Proland's Protector Plus Windows Vulnerability Scanner and find out! Better yet, plug any holes with patches before the bad guys find it. This portable freeware scans your PC for potential security holes that let viruses, hackers, and snoops worm their way into your system. It reports its findings and offers to download any available patches. It's updated monthly with new definitions. Protector Plus Windows Vulnerability Scanner is compatible with Vista up; we ran it on 64-bit Windows 7.

Windows Vulnerability Scanner's user interface is basically a window with two buttons, and one of them merely downloads Proland's antivirus product. The other initiates the Scan, but you can also start scans as soon as the tool opens. A Help icon linked to a Page Not Found on the developer's Web site. That's not helpful, especially since Windows Vulnerability Scan tells you nothing about what, where, and how it scans your computer. Skepticism aroused, we pressed Scan to see what would happen. Windows Vulnerability Scanner quickly returned information about our system, including page file size, physical memory, and disk data. We were pleased and a little surprised that the scan found no vulnerabilities in our test system. Not because we expected any (we keep it fairly tight), but because we'd half assumed that this tool was supposed to find something (anything) to prompt a software purchase. But our system had no vulnerabilities that Windows Vulnerability Scanner could find, and the software didn't hide it. Props for that.

Protection Plus Windows Vulnerability Scanner can't hurt your PC, can potentially help it, and won't aggressively push unneeded products at you. We prefer more detail about our system's security (Steve Gibson's free scans are old favorites) but Protection Plus Windows Vulnerability Scanner is worth running every month, too.

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