Review: Writer for Text Documents is a free way to create TXT files on iOS

It's a bit cluttered and not terribly deep, but this TXT creator for iOS works as advertised.

Writer for Text Documents is a note-taking application that can save notes in TXT format that can then be opened on a desktop PC later. Though the application is a little too visually complex, given its limited features, the functionality still appears useful for those that need to create TXT files on the fly.

When you open the application, you'll see numerous folders, options for Microsoft Word documents, and more. But these are misleading, as they are not available without a paid upgrade. The application only allows you to create new text documents, to be saved as TXT. Like any notepad, you're very limited in formatting features. There are no bulleted lists, no bolding; you can only create text. But in defense of Writer for Text Documents, the text is visually attractive (making it pleasing to the eye), and TXT files do not allow formatting anyway. Those that regularly make notes that they need to transfer to a computer should find that this application allows them to do that with relative ease, once they maneuver their way through the more complicated setup.

Although Writer for Text Documents lacks visual appeal, and the usefulness of creating TXT documents has decreased significantly in recent years, there are very few, free ways to create these documents on iOS devices, so Writer for Text Documents may be useful.

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