Review: WorkStudy + 5 for Time Study is a handy iPhone research tool

Track your time-based studies in this useful iOS app.

WorkStudy + 5 for Time Study is a tool for businesses and researchers that are calculating time data in an effort to analyze either a research study or an aspect of their business. It's not a visually attractive application and there is little to no training for novice users, but it is possible to see how this type of program can address the needs of researchers in several industries.

With WorkStudy, you create a study along with elements and fields for research. For example, if you run a grocery store and wanted to measure the time it takes for a customer to get in line and move through the line, you could program in "line," "loading," "checking," "bagging," and "exit" as the elements to measure. Each one is customizable so you can program just about anything depending on what you are measuring. When you run the research, you start by tapping a button and then clicking on each subsequent element as it occurs. You can also customize for types of trial, data, delays, and so on. The application then provides statistics for you, and you can e-mail the data to open in any program that handles WSX files.

WorkStudy could benefit from better training, and it is limited to time-related, anonymous information, which may not be right for all research. But for a free application, it provides the research tools that some select companies need, especially if they are running any sort of basic time analysis.

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