Review: Titxa is a powerful, multifeatured study tool, for all education levels

Track courses, exams, assignments, notes, and more in a single, easy-to-use iPad app.

Titxa combines a number of hugely useful tools for students into a single, streamlined interface that is a breeze to use. From coordinating notes with other students to tracking the PDFs, PPTs, and other documents distributed by course instructors, Titxa allows students to do just about everything for a single course on their iPad.

When you set up Titxa for the first time, there is an easy-to-follow tutorial that points out all of the major features and when they are most useful. This shows the first success of this app -- the extremely focused and easy-to-use interface. From entering new courses to tracking them on your schedule, Titxa is a joy -- it would look and run just as smoothly for general to-do lists and schedule management as it does here, but it is very much a student app. You can send notes between yourself and other Titxa users, connect with Web-resources to import documents for easy storage, and move courses around or add new events quickly and easily. By far, this is the most complete and feature-rich course management tool we've seen to date for the iPad.

If you are in college or attend a high school that allows digital devices, Titxa is a hugely useful tool that can help you keep track of your coursework, upcoming tests, and documents and notes. Instead of a half-dozen different apps taking up space and offering little better than a pen and paper, Titxa is a student's entire schoolbag in one app -- all for free, making it a must download.

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