Review: PicTag is a quick tagging tool for iOS but it suffers from a number of bugs

Tag your photos on an iOS device, but be wary of bugs and interface issues.

PicTag is a photo album organizational tool that lets you tag the photos on your iOS device for easier organization. While in theory this application could be useful, the interface of the app on the new iOS is riddled with bugs, which makes it difficult to enjoy the software.

After opening the PicTag app it will ask for access to your photos. Once you give it access you have to click out of a full-page advertisement, and then it immediately brings you to your photos without introducing the functions of the application. The application gives you the opportunity to tag photos with the subject of the photo. You can then maneuver to the list of photos and view all photos with a specific tag. Perhaps because of the new iOS 7, the application cuts off photos at the header on the iPhone, and the buttons capture some of the images of the iOS background (like the battery life). All of these flaws make the application feel buggy and unattractive, in addition to the limited functionality of the application. They also impede the interface, which was already unclear in some places with a lack of direct instruction.

While there is reason to believe that tagging photos can be useful, software that has such limited use needs to also be visually attractive and bug-free, because the value of these types of apps comes from the user experience. With no instructions, limited functionality, and unattractive visuals, there are better applications than PicTag on the App Store for photo tagging.

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