Review: Photography Amino is a small but interesting social network

Photography Amino allows like-minded users to share their love for photography.

Photography Amino is a photography forum and social network for those that are interested in sharing and learning more about photography. Like many budding social networks, Photography Amino suffers from issues with social network size, young users, and a lack of focus on photography -- none of which are necessarily the fault of the app.

Building a social community is difficult. Photography Amino is supposed to be about photography as an art form, and it adds many features that make that possible, like a blog, photo sharing, forums, and more. By functionality alone, it's a good application, and while it doesn't have any "wow" features, it is still a forum that could catch on with photography lovers. But Photography Amino suffers from issues beyond its control -- issues that are common with many attempts at building online communities. If you download Photography Amino to find artistic photographs, you'll probably be disappointed as the application has a fairly standard photo sharing community, complete with selfies and food shots. This is not a bad thing, but it doesn't match the developer's description and can be a disappointment to some.

There are several "Aminos" that one can download to enjoy communities about a specific topic. Photography Amino is a smart addition, but suffers from the usual problems that come from creating an uncontrolled online community. With a well-crafted interface, tons of features, and plenty of promise for what it offers, this could be a great app; and if you enjoy the lighter side of photography, there's a lot here to enjoy. Just don't expect a purely professional environment for your photos.

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