Review: Photo Editor Free+ is a basic but acceptable photo editing tool

Edit photos and share with friends in this rudimentary but effective iOS app.

Photo Editor Free is a free iOS application for basic photo edits. Photo Editor does not have any standout tools that make it a better choice for editing than most of the free software choices already out there; but it is still a fine application for basic and quick photo editing.

Photo Editor loads quickly with an attractive startup screen. There are no instructions, but anyone familiar with basic photo editing should have little problem using the application. It has numerous basic photo editing features, including color splash, whiten, blemish removal, focus, and more. Most are easy to use. Some are difficult to use with one's finger, but most of those limitations are normal on iOS devices. There are a few interface issues, such as an unusual, faded upper background, but none of them change the app's use. The effects are somewhat unattractive, as well, but the other features -- like the whitening feature -- can be very useful. The problem with the app isn't that it is lacking any features. The problem is that it is essentially the same as other photo editor tools, without anything to make it stand out.

So while Photo Editor Free is certainly a fine application for those that need a basic photo editing tool, it's also essentially the same as most other free photo editors. Those that need a quick free app may still find it worth a download; but if you download most other photo editing apps you will get access to the same functionality.

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