Review: Photo Blur is a one-purpose blurring app

While the interface is clean and intuitive, this iOS app offers minimal added features.

Photo Blur is a free photo editing app that allows you to blur photos on your iOS device. While it performs its one trick well, it essentially has only one feature and that feature has little real-world application.

Photo Blur opens quickly and is fairly intuitive. At startup it asks you to select a picture from your library with a minimalist interface, and once you've selected a photo you're brought to the blur feature. But it essentially only has one feature -- blurring your entire photo. You cannot select an area to blur or blur in a variety of ways. While there is a luminosity feature for lightening or darkening your blur, the end result is that you now have a photo that's blurry -- nothing more. Photo Blur would make a considerable amount of sense if it came with an "unblur" feature that allowed users to send private photos in a way that prevents them from becoming public; but as is, the app is nothing more than a clean, single-purpose blurring tool.

Without any other photo editing features, or at least the ability to choose only a section of a photo for blurring, Photo Blur isn't the most useful tool around. The developer successfully created an application that allows you to blur an entire photo in a streamlined way; but without any additional features to make that blurring capability practical, the app has limited or no uses when it comes to photo editing.

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