Review: Parallels Access is one of the most impressive remote access apps on iOS

Connect your iPad to a PC or Mac and control apps and functions remotely.

Parallels Access is designed to give you remote access of your Mac or PC through your iPad's screen and it works as well as or better than promised by the developers. From the ease of opening and controlling apps to the customized interfaces for dozens of different app types, Parallels is a smooth experience that will provide a much-needed interface option for anyone that works on the go.

The one thing about Parallels Access that can be frustrating is setup and installation time. It takes a few minutes to install, verify, and then set up on your desktop. We tested the app on a Macbook Pro and total installation time including both iOS and OS X apps, plus connection time and interface setup was about 10 minutes. That includes numerous tutorials, as well, however, which are very useful for understanding just how much you can get done in this app. After connecting, you will be shown a list of apps from the computer you connected to; you can then tap any of them to open them as you would any iOS app. To streamline the interface and make things easier to access and tap all applications open in fullscreen on your iPad, but everything streams, including music, video, and more. Best of all, it's extremely fast with no screen lag that we could notice.

Parallels Access is free to try, though it does note that you only have 14 days to use your trial subscription before a paid upgrade will be needed. For how well it performs, the speed of connection, and the complete lack of bugs or issues (as we've seen in other remote access tools), it's well worth the upgrade.

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