Review: Paint My Place is a hard-to-use app with a potentially useful concept

Learn about paint colors and plan for your home in this useful but problematic app.

Paint My Place is a home painting app that shows you actual paint colors so that you can imagine and view what your home would look like if you painted it that color. Paint My Place could be a useful app, but it is difficult to work with, requires a $2.99 upgrade to gain access to most features, and bombards you with requests for that upgrade.

Paint My Place isn't a complicated app in terms of purpose. You take a picture of the inside or outside of your home, select paints, and then decorate the home to see how it looks. But with most paint apps -- especially on a small screen -- painting is harder than it sounds. You need to make sure that you accurately bring the color over each section of the home. There are no features that make the painting any easier, and without a steady hand it's easy to make mistakes. You also get a pop up advertisement for an upgrade every time you open the app, and very few features are available without the upgrade.

An app with colors that you can use to decorate your house is valuable, even with the limited functionality of Paint My Place. But it's not worth $2.99, nor is the functionality strong enough to warrant a download. The idea is sound, and presumably the colors would be useful -- assuming they're accurate -- but it's unlikely you're going to use this app for anything related to home decisions.

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