Review: Font Free is a great hybrid text and photo editor for the iPhone

Edit and add custom, professional-grade text to your photos with a few quick taps.

Font Free is a fun, little photo editor that may not be heavy on editing tools, but is easy to use and produces fantastic looking images in just a few seconds. The focus here is the text addition tool, which goes above and beyond the low-quality embossing and other free effects you normally see to offer high-quality, premium-level fonts for your tagging -- the result is fantastic-looking photos.

When you open the app, you will see a mosaic of your photo library and a button to take a new photo. Tap any tile on the screen to open that photo or take a new photo and it will automatically load to a scale and crop screen. You can then finalize the layout of your image, add a filter to it, and start adding text. The text function is where the fun is with this app -- offering numerous quality premium fonts in a sleek slider interface. You can change text, font, or color at any time and the text can be placed anywhere on your image. When done, save to your device or share to any of a number of social media profiles. The interface is very well done here -- fast, sleek, and stylish all at once -- and while features are, at times, light, they work well for the most part.

If you are looking for a way to tag your photos with text and want more than just cheap or system fonts, check out Font Free. The app is free; and while there is a paid upgrade to remove watermarks, everything else is intact from the moment you download the app.

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