Review: EasyHabits HD is an easy-to-use habit tracker for your schedule

Add habits, both good and bad, and track your progress from day to day.

EasyHabits HD capitalizes on the recent habit-modification craze with an easy-to-use app that focuses on tracking and announcing when you've successfully followed through on good habits and avoided bad ones. The app does this part very well, though it does lack some of the added tools and features of a GTD or task-tracking tool that would elevate it beyond habits alone.

When you open the app, you'll see a weekly calendar with every day listed. You can add a new habit with the tap of a button. Name the habit, choose which days you need to complete it on, and then choose whether it is good or bad. Good habits show up as green circles and bad ones, as red circles. At any time, you can tap a circle to complete your habit, and then tap it again if you completed it multiple times. At the end of the week you'll have a completion percentage and you can see which days you succeeded and which you did not. The visualization aspect is fantastic and the interface is basic without being too bare bones. While the app keeps track of streaks, it doesn't offer note-taking tools or anything else so you can remember why you completed or didn't complete a habit -- a tool that would have been very useful.

EasyHabits HD is designed to do one thing and it does that one thing very well. While there are a number of added features that would help the app stand out even more, what we have here is a tool anyone can pick up and use to perform basic habit-tracking day to day.

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